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Hi, I’m Fanny Grué, a french product design aiming to use my creativity to make complicated things feel simpler.

I’m currently working at Agicap
Contact me at or on Linkedin

So, what’s up ?

Since 2007, I've worked as a digital creative and freelance UI designer for well established brands, agencies and start-ups, in Paris and Syndey. 

Today I live in Nantes and specialize in Product design, in which I thrive doing what I like most : find solutions.


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Product designer
at Agicap

Product designer
at Life Connect

Product designer
at Accor

2014 - 2019
Freelance UX/UI designer

Senior UI Designer
at Acidgreen Sydney

2011 - 2014
Digital creative and UI designer

2007 - 2010
UI designer
at Webpopulation Paris